Matt Emery
London, England
T-shirt, E.P. and logo design for London based composer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Emery.  
Cover illustrations for Matt Emery's single titled 'Lagoon Nebula'.
Northern Bald Ibis
This was created for an exhibition by Explorers Against Extinction at the OXO Gallery in Tower Wharf, London, to raise funds for their conservation work which helps protect endangered species.

Nucleus Gallery
California, United States
Two illustrations that were part of the Power in Numbers 6 show in 2021.
Private Commissions
Oystercatcher on Hunstanton beach, England.​​​​​​​
Red kite. 
Oystercatcher on Hunstanton Beach
Oystercatcher on Hunstanton Beach
Red Kite
Red Kite
Vienna, Austria
This illustration is my depiction of The Fields of Elysian which features in the stories of Ancient Greece. This was created for a band called Maira.

Exploding Skull (2020)
This was created for part of the collaborative art project set up by @richeybeckett.
Each of the birds featured are on the UK red list of conservation concern for birds.
Turtle Dove.
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.
White Noise Generator
T-shirt and logo design for a band called White Noise Generator based off of a 100+ year old German generator.